Another remarkable step towards the 2015 goal

The Hon Min of Defence and War Veterans Affairs descended to Manicaland once again to officially hand over former mined land cleared by Norwegian People's Aid to local authorities for productive use. NPA released a total of 2.9 sq km (15.5km) in the Leacon Hill to Sheba Forest Minefield. Cleared localities include Border Streams, Forbes Border Post and Cecil Kopje. The organisation also managed to clear the Zona Estates area a total of 0.7 sq km (km) in Chipinge District which is part of the Rusitu to Muzite Minefield. All these cleared areas were certified meeting the required standards by the ZIMAC Quality Management Team. Much appreciation goes to NPA and its donors for their commitment to have Manicaland free of landmines by 2025. The ongoing clearance of the Sheba Forest to Leacon Hill Minefield started in 2015 with funding from NMFA and USDoS. So far NPA has managed to find and destroyed 20,885 Anti-personnel mines. The initial contamination of this stretch was 8.2 sq km and as at end of August a total of 4.2 sq km is yet to be cleared.

In Chipinge and Chimanimani Districts is the Rusitu to Muzite Minefield, a stretch of 71Km (8.7 sq km). NPA started working in this minefield in 2017 through funding from DFID. To date only 6.5 sq km remain.



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