The structure of the ZIMAC is as follows: 




 Donors and Partners


In 1999 the US government came and provided the National Mine Clearance Squadron and the National Demining Office with a host of equipment. Since then till 2012, the Government of Zimbabwe was the sole funder of the office. The ICRC came in 2012 and provided office equipment, training in International standards and National standards, EORE and EOD. The ICRC went further to fund some EORE outreaches as well as providing a host of EORE material. The ICRC office withdrew in 2017 and again the Government was left as the sole funder of the Centre.


Achievements and Awards


Together with its partners, the centre has managed to release over 250km2 of land through Non-technical and Technical Surveys as well as clearance.

Some stretches of minefields have totally been released. These include the Victoria Falls to Mlibizi minefield, Burma Valley as well as the Kariba South Hydro Power Plant Minefield.