A mine/ERW free Zimbabwe where women, girls,boys and men safely engage in sustainable livelihood activities and where mine/ERW victims are fully intergrated into society.




To develop a sustainable national mine action programme that facilitates effective and efficient survey and clearance activities and addresses the needs of affected communities through well-coordinated activities in accordance with national mine action standards and Anti-Personnel Landmine Ban Convention obligations.



Hazardous areas are effectively addressed using appropriate land release methods, supporting safe and sustainable livelihoods.

Safe behaviour is promoted among women, girls, boys and men to reduce mine/ERW accidents and promote safe livelihoods activities. Read More



Zimbabwe is set to receive technical, material and advocacy assistance from the African Union (AU) to strengthen the landmine clearance programme. This was said by AU Head of Defence and…
The Hon Min of Defence and War Veterans Affairs descended to Manicaland once again to officially hand over former mined land cleared by Norwegian People's Aid to local authorities for…
The Zimbabwe mine action community witnessed a remarkable step towards the 2025 goal on Friday 26 July 2019 at Ganganyama Primary School down in Rushinga where the Hon Minister Defence…

 ..A mine/ERW free Zimbabwe where women, girls, boys and men safely engage in sustainable livelihood activities 


Why Support ZIMAC

The Zimbabwe mine action programme is posed to be a successful story come 2025, why not be part of this. Zimbabwe Mine Action programme is one of the few programmes where value for money is obtained. All resources are economically, efficiently and effectively used. Cleared land is subsequently utilised for developmental purposes. There is no any risk of recontamination.



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